Music, it’s good for the brain and food for the soul…….....

Australian Music Examination Board

Certificate 1V TAE

Jazz Music Institute

Blue Card - Working with children

TAE Certificate IV

Oaklands Recording Studios Melbourne

Victorian College of the Arts


I knew it wasn't going to be easy to find a music teacher that was just right for our family, but when Jordie came on the scene I knew things were going to be different. The kids had been very specificabout what they wanted and it wasn't what they had experienced in the past with previous teachers. They wanted to be able to choose their own music and they didn't want the lessons to be in their words boring, repetitive and old fashioned. Straight up Jordie let them choose their own music and the lessons included how to deconstruct the songs. He made their learning fun and always appealed to their strenths and encouraged them at every opportunity. There will always be music played in our house and be part of their lives and for that we are all very grateful.

Debbie Stewart

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

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